March: All about grapefruits

In March, we are turning to grapefruit, this understated citrus fruit, which has far more to offer than just its juice!

All you need to know about grapefruits

1. Why they are good for you:

Grapefruits are a goldmine of vitamin C. Have a fresh squeezed glass of grapefruit to start your day and satisfy your vitamin C needs for the day. Grapefruits are also great for increasing the metabolic rate and help burn fat.

2. Where they come from:

Grapefruits came to America in the 1800s by way of Barbados. It is a hybrid of pomelo and orange. The grapefruit owes its name because it grew in clusters, just like grapes.

3. Where they grow:

Grapefruits grown in subtropical climate. Most grapefruits sold around the world come from Florida and in one part of Texas.

4. How to pick grapefruits:

Look for heavy round grapefruits with a red or rosy peel. The grapefruit should smell fresh and citrusy.